Address:     24 39th Street
Year built:   1901 (renovation 2014)
Architect:    PR Designs and Architecture (renovation)

The Strand Mansion was built along with the Strand Hotel in 1901. This nondescript building was a residence for high-ranking British officials, including port commissioners. It occupies a plot 15 × 15 metres wide, wedged between 39th and 40th Streets, with views of the adjacent port and warehouses. The Strand Mansion was completely restored in 2014 and now offers eight residential or office units of about 240 square metres each. The façade and staircases were restored to their original state and the structure boasts vast spaces, as well as four-metre-high ceilings. The entire project, from design to execution, was undertaken by PR (Patrick Robert) Designs and Architecture. Today it serves as an example of heritage architecture renovated to the highest standards for upmarket commercial purposes. In the 1990s, Robert also restored and transformed the Governor’s Residence into a luxury hotel.

Spacious and bright bedroom inside one of the apartments

Privacy Preference Center